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Want to Play Guitar Songs? Read This

Before you should even attempt to play guitar songs, ensure your guitar is properly tuned. If your guitar isn’t properly tuned before you play, the song you are trying to play will not sound right at all. Another skill that you will have to know how to do before you can play guitar songs is to know how to read guitar tabs.

To play guitar songs, the key is to not just know how to read guitar tabs but to train your ear when you hear a song too. The first step is to listen to the songs that you want to play on your guitar. If you’re still a novice then it is suggested that you try to stick with simple songs at first. The best kinds of songs are ones that use three simple chords.

While listening to the song, you want to try to pay attention to the rhythm and the timing of the chords and strums being played on the guitar. After you just listen to the song a few times, then you should try to follow along with the song by reading the guitar tab, while it is playing. You should do this a few times as well, making mental note of the rhythm and timing.

After you have listened to the song a few times and followed along on the guitar tab, you should then pick up your own guitar. As the song is playing strum along with the song. Of course, you don’t want to play your guitar too loudly; you want to be able to still hear the song you are trying to mimic.

Finally, once you get the timing and the strumming style, start playing the songs on your own, this time without the music. In case you have forgotten, you can listen to the song again then try playing it on your own. Practice playing a song on your guitar one at a time. You must master one song before you go to another. Play the song over and over again until you are able to sing the song while you play your guitar.

If you have a video recorder you may even want to film yourself playing. When you are finished playing, you can watch the video. This will help you to correct any errors you may be making in regard to proper technique.

Learning to play guitar songs isn’t as hard as you think it is. You just need to have the passion to learn. You must also have a great deal of patience. If you mess up a lot, don’t worry about it. That’s natural. If you keep making a mistake then put the guitar down for a while and go do something else then come back. When you’re frustrated, you’re only going to keep making mistakes.

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