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Jamorama Review

Learning to play the guitar can be difficult. It is best if you have a qualified instructor to teach you how to play the guitar. In today’s hectic and busy life, it may not be possible to work guitar lessons into your schedule. Not to mention, guitar lessons can really add up and cost a small fortune. Does this mean that you should try and do it on your own? You could, but chances are you’ll get frustrated and without structured lessons you may never progress.

Are you out of luck, if you don’t have the time or money to take proper instruction? No, you’re not. There is an option to learn to play the guitar available to you which won’t cost you a small fortune. Not only is it cost effective when compared to taking lessons, it’s very convenient. The site is called Jamorama. You can download a full year’s worth of guitar lessons to your computer. You’ll be able to practice whenever you want in your own home.

No matter where or who you get your guitar instructions from, it is critical that the person teaching the material is qualified. The creator of the Jamorama program certainly is very qualified. The creator of Jamorama, Ben Edwards, doesn’t just talk the talk. He played in a very successful band in Australia called the “Degreesk.” His band even toured internationally. You can see a clip of him performing on stage at his site.

Being able to play is an important attribute, but being able to teach is also very important. Ben also happens to have a Bachelor’s Degree in Education. His college degree prepared him for a career to teach other people.

One important aspect that Jamorama possesses is that Ben realizes drills and technique isn’t very fun. While he admits they are important, he makes sure that his lessons are not boring and repetitive. This is important, so that you stay motivated to keep learning.

Now that you know a little bit more about Jamorama and the creator, you should know exactly what you will get when you order this guitar training program. As mentioned, you will get 12 months worth of lessons; which are spread out over 44 chapters and 252 pages. It doesn’t matter what type of music genre you want to play, these lessons will enable you to play your guitar properly. Some of what’s covered in these lessons is below:

Using my special techniques you will eliminate sore and clumsy fingers and start to play fluent, flowing guitar.

How to read guitar “TAB”. If you didn’t know it, guitar tablature (or TAB) is the fastest way to start reading and writing guitar music. I show you how to read it so you’ll be able to play virtually ANY of the hundreds of thousands of songs available in guitar TAB on the internet.

You’ll get Step by step lessons on how to perform tricky guitar skills. That’s over ten years’ worth of expensive and hard-won information in a simple and easy to follow format - comprehensive insider knowledge at your finger tips, available 24/7, whenever you want to learn.

These are just a tip of the iceberg, of what you will learn. To further sweeten the deal, when you order, Ben also throws in some incredible bonuses:

Super Bonus #1 – ‘GuitEarIt!’ - Ear Training Game (Value $49)

You’ve probably heard from musicians and guitar teachers, just how important it is to train your ear in order to both transcribe songs and play better. I know it’s hard to believe…

But within 2 weeks from today you could be transcribing songs from the radio with precision accuracy, just by playing “GuitEarIt!” “GuitEarIt!” is a simple, but very powerful, multiple-choice listening game. It ranges from easy to hard.

Super Bonus #2 – ‘Jayde Musica Pro’
Jayde Musica brings enjoyment to the otherwise monotonous task of learning how to read music. Calling this piece of software a game is actually pretty deceptive – you don’t have to use it long to see why. In the space of a few hours you can have vivid photographic memory of the entire music stave and feel like you’ve hardly had to work at all.

Super Bonus #3 - ‘Guitar Tuner Pro’ Software & ‘How to Tune your Guitar’Tuning is a huge problem for most beginners. This software + book solves your tuning problems with easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions. Learn the most effective, most used methods of tuning your guitar.

Super Bonus #4 - The ‘Jamorama Metronome’
Once again Jamorama releases a fantastic new learning tool for Musicians. The Jamorama Metronome is designed using traditional metronome sound and style and allows the user to set a click tempo between 40BPM (Beats Per Minute) and 208 BPM.

Super Bonus #5 - ‘30 day access to SongPond - Learn to play your favorite songs’This is an amazing new bonus that teaches you step by step how to play your favorite songs. With SongPond you use video lessons taught by professional music instructors to guide you to play songs.

Ben also has a lot of testimonials from satisfied customers at his site. In fact, here’s a good example from a young woman by the name of Nicole Walkiewicz:

“Being able to watch the instructional videos has been extremely helpful. I really feel like the jam sessions have been great too because they’ve encouraged me to continue playing - it makes me feel like I’ve actually made progress…”

What do you think all of this would cost? Ben even points out on his site that taking lessons could cost you $30 for half an hour and $60 for an hour per lesson. Incredibly, Ben offers Jamorama for only $39.95! For what you are getting, that is an excellent deal.

If you would like to get all that was mentioned above and Ben’s Advanced course: Jamorama Lead Guitar it will only cost you $15 more, for a total of $54.95.

So, where will your guitar playing skills be at in a year or less down the road by trying to do it on your own? With Ben’s Jamorama course you could easily be going from “I don’t know where my fingers go” beginner to “How did I get so good?” advanced guitar player. See Website Here

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