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Before Taking Any Play Guitar for Beginners Lessons: Read This

Before you work with any type of material that offers play guitar for beginners instruction; you should at least be somewhat familiar with the different parts of the instrument you will be playing. The guitar, as we know it today, is quite an old instrument.

The acoustic guitar has been around since the late 1700’s. The electric guitar was invented in the 1930’s. It doesn’t matter which type of guitar you are going to be playing, they both share the same main attributes. The only real difference is the electric guitar is hooked up to an amplifier. By knowing more about the parts of your guitar, you’ll be a better musician.

The parts of the guitar are the headstock, the tuners, the nut, guitar neck, sound hole, the body, and bridge. All of these parts have a vital role in giving the guitar its sound and making it work. Even if one part mentioned above would be taken away, or altered; all the play guitar for beginners lessons in the world, wouldn’t help, because the music being played would not sound right.

Next is to learn how to hold the pick. Some beginners don’t use a pick to play the guitar. Not using a pick can be very painful to your fingers. Your picking hand must be open and your palm must be facing you. Then, make a loose fist while your thumb stays beside your index finger. Rotate your hand with the knuckle of your thumb facing you.

After that, beginners like you should learn how to tune the guitar before you play it. There are videos on the internet that teach how to tune a guitar on your own without using any electronic tuner.

Then, learn the scales. Most play guitar for beginners instruction will include how to play scales in their lessons. Beginners must know which finger should be used when pressing a specific string. The thumb will not be used to press any strings. But once you become a professional, you may use it. But the thumb is actually just a support. The remaining four fingers are used to press down the strings to make a guitar chord.

Finally, you are now ready to play your first chord. Start by looking at illustrated chord charts and follow the instructions. Memorize them all and practice along with your favorite songs.

Remember, these are just the basics. There are still a lot of things beginners like you should learn, to play the guitar like a professional. The additional material can be quickly and easily learned with play guitar for beginners lessons.

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